Vapium Summit Vaporizer Review

The Vapium Summit is a new portable vaporizer to hit the market that really delivers a high quality performance in a low cost, easy to use package. Here’s what we’ll cover in the review:

  • How it works
  • Temperature settings
  • Vapor quality
  • Battery life
  • Price and warranty

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vapium summit

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How the Vapium Summit Works

The Summit is a pretty simple vaporizer to use. You start by popping off the magnetic oven lid and loading your herbs into the chamber (see above). You want a tight pack for it to vape well, and the chamber works best with between 0.2 grams and 0.5 grams.

After you replace the oven lid, you hold down the power button for a few seconds, and the unit will vibrate, the button will glow blue, and the lights below the button will display your battery level.

Once activated, you can set the temperature with the + and – buttons on the front of the unit. Once the unit reaches temperature, the button will glow green and the unit will vibrate 3 times.

While the unit has a 90 second auto-shutoff time, you can reactivate the heater by clicking the power button again, or you can turn the unit off manually by holding down the power button. The unit will vibrate twice when you turn it off on your own

In my opinion, a major flaw in this vape is that it does not vibrate once the heater auto shuts off. I think that is definitely something Vapium needs to change. To be clear, it does vibrate when you turn it off on your own, but not when it shuts off automatically after the 90 seconds. Not sure why they did it this way, but I think they should change it.

Temp Settings

There are 8 total temperature settings, ranging from 320⁰F/160⁰C to 446⁰F/230⁰C. This gives you a tremendous amount of customization, letting you dial in your perfect vape experience.

This flexibility is the Summit’s greatest strength, as nearly no other vape with preset temperatures has this many options.

Vapor Quality

Overall, the vapor quality is really good out of this little thing. I would say it is on par with the Pax 2, which at $280, is quite a bit more.

While loading can be a bit messy, as far as conduction vaporizers go, the Summit is right up there with higher end portables. The build quality is a bit lower than higher end units, but it is a great vape nonetheless.

Battery Life

The battery life of this unit is about average as far as vaporizers go. It takes roughly an hour to charge, and you get about an hour of use out of it. This isn’t great, but it isn’t horrible either.

Price and Warranty

At only $149.99, the Summit is fairly cheap as far as vaporizers go. Considering that this unit performs as well as some units that cost over $200, I would say it is definitely worth the price.

The Summit also comes with a one year warranty, which is really good, because some vaporizers tend to have problems within the first year.

Best Place to Buy the Vapium Summit?

For this one, we recommend picking it up from Vape World. Vape World is one of the most reputable merchants in the industry. They have the Summit for a great price, they ship it for free, and they even include a free grinder with your purchase.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this is a great unit. Awesome vapor quality, tons of temperature options, and pretty decent battery life. If you’re looking for a high quality vape at a low price, look no further than the Vapium Summit.

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