Vapman Vaporizer Review

We have another guest review from the folks at EveryoneDoesIT for you guys today. This one is for the Vapman vaporizer. Check it out:

First, I would like to say I REALLY like this vaporizer. The case is the first thing that catches your eye – it’s unique design is like nothing seen on a portable vaporizer before.

Although this Swiss made, hand crafted portable vaporizer looks like something of a novelty, it performs impressively, taking a different route than some of the other more conventional vaporizers on the market.

Some of the other similar well-known products tend to produce a quality vapour but can sometimes leave a plastic after-taste. They also don’t all have a preferable temperature setting, and some of them tend to combust plant matter rather than vaporizing it.

All the power is in your own hands with this little beauty. It comes with its own jet flame lighter which is used to heat the gold-plated copper heat sink. It is recommended that you use controlled two to three second bursts for optimum performance. By being able to control the heat and the air flow via holes at the top, you can truly achieve your optimum thickness of vapour. While this does take some experimentation, when perfected you will be vaping like a connoisseur in no time!

My only gripe is that you are restricted by how much fuel you have in your lighter. However, if you were using a battery operated device then a similar argument could be made. These are very minor issues with what is otherwise an excellent vaporizer. Once you get used to operating it, you will be able to vaporize your favorite blend of dry herbs just the way you like to, all in next to no time.

Why not check out the Vapman Classic or Vapman Basic at EveryoneDoesIT?

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