Vapolution 2.0 Vaporizer Review

Here’s another guest review from This one is for the Vapolution 2.0 portable vaporizer. Enjoy!

As well as being a conscious eco-friendly manufacturer, Vapolution were also first to create a glass-on-glass vaporizer. Veterans of vaporizing will know that true glass-on-glass pathways ensure that your herbs don’t come into contact with any metal heating element, or compounds that may be classed as harmful to your health. Another reason that fans of vaporizing prefer glass-on-glass is that you get the full smooth taste of the herbal blend you are vaping.

This vaporizer is actually deceptively light, and the Vapolution 2.0 provides one of the cleanest and purest vapours on the market. It comes with temperature control and a unique style of loading. Unlike with most vaporizers you don’t actually need to grind your herbs, rather all you need to do is break them down by hand and roll them into small pellets. Then simply place into the glass and friction keeps them in place. It can however be a little tricky to load them but that is one of the only real drawbacks of this model. It can also take a little longer than others to get up to temperature, and there isn’t a clear indicator of when it has.

All being said though, Vapolution are really concerned with the environment, which is why all of their products are packed in 100% recycled material. They also claim that all of their vehicles run on 100% bio diesel, so you are saving the planet one glorious, clean vape at a time!

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