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When it comes to the Vapor Genie I literally had one of those classic “too good to be true” moments. Here I am sitting in my buddy’s basement when he pulls out this little wooden pipe, or at least it appeared to be a pipe. After spending 5 minutes or so grinding up the herb he places it inside the bowl like you would any regular old pipe. But this is where it gets interesting. Instead of lighting it like a regular pipe, he places a small little chamber over the top and proceeds to light it. After a few puffs of some quality herb I must say that I’m thoroughly impressed. The vapor comes out light, smooth and with no trace of burned herb.

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Vapor Genie

How does the Vapor Genie work?

As you can probably tell by the introduction above, the Vapor Genie works with a regular lighter instead of an electronic heating system. When you place your flame above the heating chamber only the heat itself actually reaches your herb. The chamber also mixes the heat with a bit of cold air in order to vaporize your medicine at a temperature that can range anywhere from 225-375 degrees. What I like about this vaporizer is its simplicity, this is basically it. Just pour your herb in the bowl and light the chamber as you would any other regular pipe. Because of this the Vapor Genie is perfect for those of you who may be new to using vaporizers and would prefer to start off with something a little more familiar.

While using the Vapor Genie it is also recommended by the makers that instead of using any regular old flint lighter, you get yourself an electronic one instead. This is because the flint lighters actually give off toxic substances that can be inhaled along with the vapor of your medicine.

Check out this video demo of the Vapor Genie to see it in action:


  • Discreet. This is one of those vaporizers that you can take anywhere. It’s not big and clunky like a lot of other products and will fit perfectly in the palm of your hand or even your pocket. Even better is that it resembles a normal tobacco pipe.
  • Quality material. Made out of solid wood and metal and won’t break unless you whip out a hammer and intentionally “go to work”. Perfect for the clumsy smokers such as myself.:)
  • No batteries or plugs to deal with. All you need is a basic lighter and you’re good to go! This makes it perfect for camping trips or even the occasional bathroom “break”.
  • Comes with an unlimited lifetime guarantee, need I say more?


  • No temperature controls. While using the Vapor Genie your vapor temperature all depends on the flame source you’re using and cannot be set by the user.
  • Very small bowl. I felt like this was best for only a small group of people. Anywhere between 1-5 will be the sweet spot.

What’s the best place to buy the Vapor Genie?

After searching for quite a while and comparing prices (what can I say, I’m cheap) I’ve found that Vapor Nation has the best deals period on the Vapor Genie. Not only do they ship it for free, but they are currently offering a free grinder as well with every purchase. Vapor Nation also offers the largest selection of vaporizer accessories that you’ll find anywhere online. Not to mention the shipping is FAST.

Final recommendation

My final take on the Vapor Genie is that it is the perfect portable vaporizer to round off a good vaporizer collection. This thing is simple, effective, and not to mention VERY inexpensive. And don’t be fooled by the low price tag either, this vaporizer is built from quality materials and feels very solid.

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