Volcano Vaporizer Review

Volcano Vaporizer Review

Vapor Quality
Group Use
Value for Money
The Volcano is the best desktop vape you can get on the market. It's great for groups, great capacity, is super easy to use, and produces some of the best vapor quality out there. There's really nothing negative to say about it. Worth every penny for sure.

Let’s get straight to the point. If you’re going to spend money on a vaporizer, then you need something that is not only reliable, but will also produce a very enjoyable smoke.

When I first started on my journey with vaporizers, nothing really appealed to me. I mean let’s face it, a lot of them basically look and operate the same.

After searching around and reading a lot of reviews, I finally came across the Volcano vaporizer. This thing is probably the best purchase I have made and I’m glad I pulled the trigger on it.

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How the Volcano Vaporizer Works


The Volcano vaporizer works by heating up your medicine to just the right temperature for inhalation. After you load the chamber (see below), you hit the heat (red switch) and set your desired temp, which differs depending on what model you have.

Volcano whole chamber

For those of you that prefer a more detailed control, then both the Digital and Classic versions will allow you to set a custom temperature point before heating your herb. The Classic uses a rotary dial, and the digital uses a digital LED display to display your temperature in F or C.

Once the desired temperature is reached, which is indicated by the middle light on the unit, you then pop on your chamber to the top. I recommend then running the air (the green switch) for about 3-5 seconds before placing the bag on top of the chamber to fill it. This lets the material heat a bit more and gives you really thick, delicious vapor right from the get go.

Perhaps the best part about this process though is that the balloons will allow you to store your herb in its ready to smoke form without having to go back and vaporize more. If you have a few friends over then you simply pass around the balloon without having to worry about the vaporizer itself. Simply set it and forget it.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then surely a video of the Volcano Vaporizer in action is worth a million! For those of you that prefer to watch rather than read, then check this puppy out:

Temperature Adjustment on the Volcano

The Volcano vaporizer boasts a wide range of temperatures, which are  130°C – 230°C (266°F – 446°F) in the Classic (rotary dial) and 40°C – 230°C (104°F – 446°F) for the Digital version.

I have found the best setting to be at around 6.5 on the Classic, or about 390°F on the Digital. In terms of accuracy, the Digital is more accurate, with a range of variance from temperature being ± 1.5°C (± 2.7°F), while the Classic has a bit more variance at ± 5°C (± 9°F).

This isn’t much, but some people really prefer the most accurate temperature that you can get.

Vapor Quality of the Volcano

The vapor quality out of the Volcano is unparalleled in the vaporizer industry. It extracts more efficiently than any vaporizer I’ve ever used, leaving your vaped material a beautiful golden brown color (see picture below).

Volcano Chamber

The Volcano also has the ability to do concentrates, making it even more versatile. You use their concentrate pads (see below) when vaping concentrates so that they don’t melt down into the unit and mess the heater up. The pad acts a lot like a metal sponge, absorbing the material and holding it until it becomes heated into vapor.

Valve Choices

The valve choice comes down to two options, the Easy Valve Kit or the Solid Valve Kit.

The Easy Valve comes with: 5 Easy Valve Balloons with Mouthpiece, 1 Filling Chamber, 1 Liquid Pad, 1 Normal Screen Set, and 1 Cleaning Brush.

The Solid Valve comes with: 5 Solid Valve Balloons with Mouthpiece, 1 Filling Chamber, 1 Liquid Pad, 1 Normal Screen Set, and 1 Cleaning Brush.

So, the kits are fairly similar. The only real difference is that, with the Solid Valve, you replace the bags yourself, which involves a bit of a learning curve.

It is just a bit more difficult than the Easy Valve, which are just like the solid valve, but instead of replacing the bags, you simply throw the bag and mouthpiece away when it gets worn out and throw on a new one.



  • Comes with a standard 3 year warranty. You know it’s a quality product when the maker is willing to stand behind it this long. If it stops working, simply send it back.
  • Made out of 100% stainless steel. No plastics or other cheap materials here.
  • Wide temperature range. The Volcano can handle temperatures from 266° all the way up to 446°! This is designed to be an all around vaporizer capable of reliably handling many different strands of herb and concentrates.
  • Comes with everything you need to get started right away which even includes the balloons.
  • Comes in Classic and Digital form, letting you save money at the sacrifice of temperature accuracy.


  • The Volcano vaporizer is one of the most expensive vaporizers out there, so it may not be in everyone’s budget. The Classic version is a little more affordable though, so if you are on a budget, that’s an option for you.
  • Desktop unit.  This is a con, because while it is more powerful than a portable unit, it is tied to a cord, so you are essentially tied to that cord too.

Where’s the best place to buy the Volcano vaporizer?

As we all know, just about everything is a lot cheaper online. If you’re looking to pick one of these bad boys up then look no further than Planet of the Vapes which is one of the most reputable merchants in the industry.

By purchasing your Volcano through them, you will get Free Shipping, a Free Grinder, and a Free Case to carry it around in. They have it for a great price as well.

Final Thoughts

If you want arguably the best desktop vaporizer on the market, then look no further than the Volcano. On top of impressing your friends and making everyone jealous, you’ll be able to get a quality product that won’t break or mysteriously stop working. I’ve used mine quite heavily (faithfully 4-7 times per week) for over 2 years and it still works just as it did the day I brought it home.

It’s a piece that will last longer than any other you have, and is well worth the price.

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