Ways to Consume Marijuana Concentrates

Most stoners that try concentrates fall in love, however consuming them efficiently can sometimes be tricky, and not everyone is aware of the many methods available!

In this guide, I’m going to go over the many methods of consuming concentrates!


One of the best more popular ways to smoke concentrates these days is by “dabbing” them. The term dabbing refers to heating up a nail, (normally made of glass, quartz or titanium), which is attached to a glass bong or water pipe. And “dabbing” the oil onto the hot nail as you inhale. To heat the nail, a butane torch is most commonly used.

Dabbing is a very effective way to get the maximum effect from you wax or concentrates.

We all know concentrates can be expensive so dabbing is a great way to conserve and get the most out of your stash!


Another way to dab, and in my opinion the more convenient way is by purchasing an e-nail. Electronic nails are devices that heat up a titanium nail by plugging into a standard wall plug in.

They allow you to set your exact desired temperature for dabbing your concentrates. E-nails allow you to either vaporizer your concentrates by doing low temperature dabs or smoke your concentrates at higher temperatures. Whatever your preference, if you’re a fan of wax; you’re sure to fall in love with e-nails. Once you use one, you’ll never go back to the standard torch and nail method.

One of the best e-nails currently on the market is the Dab Ninja e-nail. It’s an ultra-portable electronic nail that has been getting some very positive reviews from online review websites.


Using a vaporizer is an amazing way to enjoy your cannabis concentrates. It allows you to get incredible flavor so long as you are using quality wax. There are many different styles of vaporizers that work well with concentrates including:

Concentrate Pen Vaporizers – Pen style vaporizers are small and as the name suggests, shaped like pens. They are great if you’re looking for a vaporizer that you can use virtually anywhere.

They either come with a coil-style atomizer, or coil-less style atomizers and some manufacturers include both with some models.

Coil-Style Atomizers – This type of atomizer features a small coil, sometimes 2 of them that heat up, allowing your concentrates to vaporize. They are usually made out of either titanium or ceramic. The only negative with this style of atomizer is that sometimes the vapor quality is sub-par, and you often times will end up combusting your concentrates. Which essentially means you will be smoking your wax instead of vaping it.

Coil-Less Atomizers – This type of atomizer doesn’t have a coil and instead the chamber will usually feature a bucket design that vaporizes anything you put into it. They tend to have better vapor quality compared to coil-style atomizers and are great for delivering flavorful hits of vapor.

Portable Vaporizers

Just as the name suggests, portable vaporizers are portable. They can be taken virtually anywhere and allow you to vaporize wax on the go! Portables are a great option if you live an active lifestyle because they run off a battery allowing them to be used anywhere.

Many portable vaporizers these days have wax attachments, and some of them are even strictly for wax only, such as the Muad Dib by Magic Flight which is a very portable wax vaporizer.

Desktop Vaporizers

Desktops are essentially vaporizers that plug into the wall. Many desktop units have concentrate attachments that allow for the use of wax and oils. The vapor quality from desktop vaporizer tends to be better than that of most portables and pen vaporizers.

Marijuana Edibles

Perhaps the most efficient way to consume marijuana concentrates is by making edibles. Most people don’t realize how easy it is to turn your wax or oil into marijuana infused butter that can be used for making all kinds of edibles.

Making edibles is much easier than most people think and is about as easy as doing a simple Google search or watching a how to video on YouTube!

I hope this article has provided some insight into the many ways to consume marijuana concentrates!

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