Weed Tolerance Break: How Long Should it Be?

Stepping away from marijuana is vital at a certain point in the life of a regular smoker. However, taking that break can be quite challenging, especially for those who have become best friends with cannabis products. Knowing why, when, and how to abstain from weeds for some time will help make the whole process a lot easier. 

What is a Marijuana Tolerance Break?

A marijuana tolerance break, marijuana holiday, or a T-break is a period when a cannabis consumer willingly abstains from the intake of marijuana for a period of time to reduce the rate of their tolerance to its effects. If you’re a daily marijuana smoker, you’d probably have noticed that you’ve reached a point where you stopped getting a drag of the weed, or the results and experience ceased to be as strong as they were during the first times. 

At that point, your body tries to adapt to the THC so even if you increase the dosage, the cannabis is less effective after consumption. Some people might wonder if their suppliers are selling adulterated weed, even when the supplier is doing an honest job.  Taking some time away from marijuana is what you need to get rid of all the THC in your body. 

cannabis tolerance T break

Why Take a Cannabis T-break?

There are several reasons why a cannabis t-break is necessary at some point in every regular consumer’s life. The primary goal is to get more out of marijuana by giving the body and mind more time to recalibrate. The truth is that prolonged use of cannabis causes the body to be desensitized to the psychoactive effects of THC. A t-break is the catalyst that gives the receptors more time to recuperate; hence, doubling the impact of cannabis after the break. 

Some go on a tolerance break to clear their minds and get it out of the clouds for a while. This is useful when you want to take a big step in life like getting a job or proceeding on official duties. 

How Long Should a Tolerance Break Last?

There is no specified time frame for a tolerance break. It just depends on what you are trying to achieve. However, I recommend completing a Lenten season break (40+ days) because THC can linger for up to 30 days in your body after intake. The forty days will ensure that the THC receptors are fully rested and ready for another round. 

If you want to make cannabis more effective in your system, two weeks off can do the trick but a Lenten season will take you back to your first-time experience when your body was THC-free. However, if your motive is to clear your mind for a job interview or when you’re traveling, a few days off would suffice. So really, it just depends on what you want. 

weed tolerance calculator chart

What to Expect on a Break from Smoking Weed

Daily consumption of marijuana makes it a habit and habits are quite hard to break, especially when it’s something the body is used to. When you decide to abstain from weed, it doesn’t just affect your health but extends to other areas of your life. 

First of all, don’t expect it to be easy. You will miss the feeling of being high, and your cravings for weed can tear you apart. But if you stay unmoved and fight the urge; your body, after a few weeks will have a lot to thank you for. 

Having something like physical activities will come in handy during marijuana tolerance breaks, so try to put that on your list. Now expect to be rejuvenated during the entire period. You will feel a lot clear-headed, and it can even bring you back to the earth if you were almost always high before. It is a break that replenishes your whole body. 

Also, it will delight you to know that you will save some extra wads of cash for a while, and who doesn’t need all that extra money? 

Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms

Symptoms of moodiness, irritability, and signs of withdrawal are common during a t-break. You can also expect restlessness and insomnia. It’s not uncommon for someone on a tolerance break to have sleeping difficulties during bedtime. To avoid sleep troubles at night, smokers are advised to quit smoking around bedtime a few days before the break. This helps the body adjust to sleeping without weed. 

The symptoms can feel like punishment sometimes, but you will have a lot to be grateful for when it’s all over. 

7 Tips on Taking a Break

Finish all your cannabis

Consume it all, not at once though, but you get the point. Having marijuana when you’re taking a break is a great way to tempt yourself and kill your dreams. Make sure there’s nothing left of all you have or simply give it away. This way, you won’t be so restless, and it won’t torment you that much. 

run out of weed tolerance break

Out of sight, out of mind

Don’t tell me you’re taking a t-break when your weed is staring at you in the eye. You will begin to convince yourself why the break is not necessary, and before you know it, you’ve fallen to the temptation. Keep all cannabis out of your sight, so it doesn’t linger in your mind for too long. 

Change up your daily routine

It’s best to make some changes in your daily cannabis routine in order to achieve a comfortable and less restless t-break. And this should be done slowly. Let’s say you used to smoke five times a day, cut it down to three and after a while make it once; then you can stop it completely. Your body will gradually adjust to this pattern, so it won’t be a sudden stop that could make it so easy to give up your break time. 

Tell your friends about your break

An excellent way to stay true with your break is by telling a close friend what you plan to do. Some extra motivation will help keep your head in the game as you go on. Better still, you can convince some friends to go on a break with you. That’s like using peer pressure for good. You can even have a bet for fun so whoever gives up before time will buy everyone a couple of drinks or pay for something you all love to do. Talk about motivation! 

Find a new hobby

A distraction! Replace that marijuana time with something that makes you equally happy, or close. Spend time with people you love, go see that movie you have always wanted to see, take your woman out on a date, or register at a gym. Ensure something takes the place of cannabis or the urge will be too strong for you to handle. This will also help you create balance and keep weed from taking up the bulk of your life. 

Stay focused and take it a day at a time

Always remind yourself of why you started in the first place and as earlier said, make your break a transition. Slow and steady, one foot in front of the other, one day at a time. Don’t go all of a sudden on yourself, cut it down slowly. Baby steps produce the best results. 

Take CBD When you Crave for THC

At times your craving may seem impossible to manage. During periods like this, try something different to ease the burden of abstinence off your shoulders. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a great way to lower your cravings for THC as it helps to activate other receptors so you may want to consider taking CBD. 

can cbd help with thc tolerance break

7 Signs You May Need a Break

You’re spending too much money on cannabis

Earning so much but the money doesn’t seem to be meeting your needs? Maybe there’s an extra hole in your wallet you haven’t been too sensitive to notice. When cannabis intake becomes a habit, you will spend so much on it without even knowing what’s happening. Your mind will be so fixed on having the buds in your hands that you fail to realize the damage it’s causing to your finances. If you lose control over the amount you spend on cannabis, it is wise to take a break for a while. 

You keep thinking about it

There’s a lot to worry about in life when one thing occupies your mind every day; we might have a problem set in. When you realize that it distracts you from your other obligations and makes you less attentive to other things, take a break!

You don’t want to leave the house

If you consume a lot of marijuana, you will develop a craving for enclosed spaces like your room, a basement, or a toilet. You want to be locked up at home all day. That’s not very bad, but your body needs open air and sunlight. Being a stay-at-home person will isolate you from the rest of the world and leave you to your weed as a lifelong companion. 

Don’t be too hard on yourself; if this is happening to you, a little break and period of reflection are what you need. 

It’s taking over priorities

Whoever you are, from a ‘recently got legal smoker’ to a middle-aged working-class member of society, a stay-at-home mom, or a developing adult, we’ve all got priorities. Marijuana is mainly for medical and recreational purposes; it should never become a priority. 

Twenty-four hours a day is usually not enough time for most people. Our lives revolve around responsibilities that cannot be ignored. If a bunch of strongly scented flowers begins to take the place of some important priorities, a t-break might be your saving grace before you lose control over everything. 

You think about cannabis products a lot

It’s always on your mind, and you can’t seem to focus your thoughts on the right things, that’s a big pointer that you need some time off. 

You rely on it for creativity

Whether you are very creative, averagely creative, or not creative at all, when Marijuana becomes the one thing that gets those creative juices flowing, it’s a sign that you need to call a tolerance break and put it behind bars for a while. You could lose your original self when trying to awaken your creativity with cannabis. Don’t let the weed do the singing for you, take a break to rediscover your potentials. 

You don’t get as high as before

This is the first sign that you need a marijuana tolerance break and it’s all I’ve been talking about since I started writing this. You have consumed cannabis to the point where your body sees it as normal, and you miss the sweet feeling of being up high in the clouds. The solution lies in a break. 


It might seem impossible to stay away from weed because you’ve gotten so used to it but trust me when I say it’s possible. All you need is to discipline and surround yourself with all the right things. The benefits are numerous; it’s a decision with nothing to lose and plenty to gain. 

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