Wolf Mods Lone Wulf Mechanical Mod Review

The Lone Wulf is an American made mechanical mod that is only for advanced electronic cigarette users, as you need knowledge of battery safety and Ohm’s Law to ensure you are as safe as possible. It is fully adjustable, and the kit also comes with a matching RDA that combines the features of several of the top RDA’s on the market, and it comes in black or copper. Lets get into a break down of all the parts.

If you want to purchase the Lone Wulf, we recommend buying it from MintyVapes here.

The Lone Wulf Mechanical Mod Kit

The Nuts and Bolts of the Lone Wulf Mechanical Mod Kit


The Lone Wulf RDA is a rebuildable atomizer that combines a few great features of other RDA’s on the market into a great device. It has the deck of a Plume Veil RDA (pictured below), which is a four post hole design with a positive post block in the middle. This gives you more options with coils, as well as allowing you to center your coils better.

The Deck

One of the only problems I have with this deck is that it is literally a Plume Veil deck. You can even see the holes on the side of the picture above (near the right negative post) that a Plume Veil has, but those holes are blocked by the top cap when the top cap is on, rendering them useless. If they simply removed those holes, the RDA would be better (and more original).

Besides that, everything about this RDA is a cloud chaser’s dream. Large Air hole slots and a wide bore drip tip integrated into the top cap make this RDA a great contender for any cloud competition. It is all copper, which has low voltage drop, but it also tarnishes easily, so keep that in mind.

All of the o-rings hold tight, and the only leakage happens when you over fill the deck. The airflow is fully adjustable as well, allowing you to dial in your perfect vape. The contact pin is not adjustable, so it’s best to not use this RDA on a hybrid mod.

The Mod

The Mod is one of the most unique mechanical mods I have ever seen. The body is two pieces of copper, one piece on the inside, and an outer layer of copper with a coating on it that doesn’t tarnish. Although other parts do tarnish, in my opinion the contrast looks good.

The button at the bottom is recessed, so when you set the mod down the button won’t fire. You can adjust the button up or down to your liking, but if you unscrew it too far, the button will pop out, so be careful.

The top cap is pretty interesting. It is adjustable in two ways. You can adjust one screw for the atomizer (letting you adjust the height of the atomizer) and you can adjust the other screw for battery rattle, so that everything is connected.

The only real downside of this mod is that it is 23mm, and most atomizers are 22mm, so that is one thing to keep in mind.

Where Should You Purchase the Lone Wulf Mechanical Mod Kit?

If you want to pick this mod kit up, we recommend grabbing it from MintyVapes.com. They have it for a good price and will ship it to you for free. There’s also a current promo running where if you enter ‘MINTY10’ at checkout, you will get 10% off, saving you some money.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this is a great mechanical mod kit. It is a bit pricey at $175, but it is definitely a high quality device with great machining quality. If you are looking for an authentic, unique mod, this is the one for you.

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