X-Vape Vista Mini Vs. Puffco Peak Enail

Whenever a premium product is released, it’s always expected that competitors will attempt to steal a portion of customers looking for a cheaper alternative. As a professional tester and vape reviewer, my job is to determine not only the functionality of different units but also how they measure up to competing products. I recently received my X-Vape Mini Vista, and I was quite curious to see how it would perform against the Puffco Peak. I typically favor vaping dry herb on a day to day basis, while I save dabbing for when I want to experience intense highs and have overall more powerful sessions. Therefore, the comparison between these two products comes down to primarily how well they both work with regards to their price. The following review will contain each unit’s specs, as well as my personal opinion on user experience and device performance.

Build, Portability & Facility of Use

The Puffco Peak has a beautiful build. It’s also pretty hefty as it reaches just about seven inches in height at its peak and it has a thick base. The style is futuristic and consumers will certainly get the feel that the device is powerful simply by glancing at it. Additionally, it features one button which functions as a means to power on and regulate temperature. The Puffco Peak is not discreet at all, although it is portable in regards to passing it around to friends during joint sessions. As far as usage goes, it’s very simple to operate and the instruction manual comes with a step by step guide for first time users.

The X-Vape Mini Vista is distinct in its design from the Puffco Peak, although it’s still attractive. First off, the unit is smaller as it only stands at five and a half inches; however, the Mini Vista can be a bit startling at first glance with its long, cumbersome mouthpiece that resembles a straw. The unit definitely has appeal, and a unique look, but not it lacks the wow factor of the Puffco Peak. In regards to ease of use, the X-Vape Mini Vista did a good job keeping things simple, as it too features a singular button for temperature control and powering on.

Which is better: In my opinion, the Puffco Peak wins this category. Both units are attractive, but the Puffco just looks like a cooler product. As far as simplicity of use, I found they were both easy to handle and use. It should be noted neither product allows for stealthy use, so that’s a moot point.

Temperature Control & Versatility

The Puffco Peak has four different temperature settings, and also boasts a “sesh-mode” feature. The temperature settings are 450, 500, 550, and 600 degrees Fahrenheit, and they are color-coded respectively as blue, green, orange, and grey. Puffco recommends lower temperatures for smaller loads, and steadily increasing the temperature the larger the load. Temperature settings are easily adjusted by using a single click to toggle through selections. All in all, the temperature control is what’s expected in most products nowadays so that’s not the Puffco Peak’s selling point. What distinguishes this unit from the rest is its built-in smart feature for automatic temperature calibration. This innovative feature allows for the device to adjust temperatures every usage based on various factors in order to provide users with the optimal experience.

The X-Vape Mini Vista also provides pre-set temperature options. The three settings are also color-coded, and they include 536 (white), 662 (green) and 752 (red) degrees Fahrenheit. Some heavy-hitting users may like that this device has the ability to heat even higher than the Puffco Peak. However, it should be taken into account that the Mini Vista does not have temperature calibration, and therefore, each use will not always heat evenly.

Which is better: The Puffco Peak wins again due to its temperature calibration. I must say the X-Vape Mini Vista does give just as hard of rips, but every session varies.

Oven Specs & Heat-Up Times

The Puffco Peak has a coil-less, fully ceramic oven and it has a fairly large loading capacity. The device has some of the fastest heat up times ever seen, and it consistently reaches selected temperature by the twenty second mark. In my personal opinion, the heating chamber was very well constructed in that it always evenly heats up the concentrate for pure, delicious flavor.

The X-Vape Mini Vista also touts an entirely ceramic oven, but the plate heats the concentrate directly which leads to harder, heavier hits (but not necessarily even heat distribution). The unit also beats out the Puffco Peak with its almost instant heat up time of five seconds. My take on the X-Vape Mini Vista was that it’s phenomenal in achieving that intense high I want when I’m dabbing.

Which is better: Surprisingly, the X-Vape Mini Vista wins, as it is better for large rips, and for its ultra-rapid heat up time. For users concerned more with flavor and even distribution of heat to shatter, go with the Puffco Peak.

Battery Life & Accessories

The Puffco Peak has a built-in, non-removable battery that allows users about a thirty dab average. The typical charge time is about two hours to reach full battery when using the supercharger. The fact that it comes with both the micro-usb charger, and the external super-charger is great since it allows consumers some flexibility if they’re in a hurry. As far as accessories goes, the Puffco Peak box kit is completely decked out, and it comes with everything a customer could possibly want. I loved the carrying case since I frequently travel to friends’ houses for social sessions.

The X-Vape Mini Vista contains a powerful 2000 mAH battery and offers not only a micro-usb charger, but also a wireless charger which is pretty impressive. The unit does not come with the wireless charger in the kit, so it must be ordered as an accessory, but this feature is definitely a must-have! The battery provides around 90 sessions on average which is fantastic for frequent users. The kit is fairly basic, though, and I do wish it included the wireless charger in order to reduce costs.

Which is better: In regards to the battery, the X-Vape Mini Vista wins here for granting users more sessions and the ability to wirelessly charge.  Accessory wise, I would say the Puffco Peak easily wins out as the box is fully loaded to the point of even providing additional ceramic bowls. Also the Peak comes with the supercharger so users save on extra expenses.

Vapor Quality & Price Point

The Puffco Peak consistently provides some of the best cloud quality that I’ve ever tasted. It’s a premium product so consumers are paying for the smoothest, most succulent vapor quality possible. The unit actually went beyond my expectations in terms of quality, and it easily is the top dog of concentrate vapes. However, customers are paying out the nose for this privilege as the Puffco Peak costs $379.99. In my opinion, it is worthy every cent, but consumers on a budget may be hesistant.

The X-Vape Mini Vista also has some pretty good vapor output. The clouds produced are very dense, thick, and semi-tasty. Users that are looking to rip will fall in love, while flavor connoisseurs may be pleased, but not thrilled. What must be noted is the fact the X-Vape Mini Vista is a third of the price of the Puffco Peak, and this unit comes with an ultra-affordable price tag of $120.00. For users on a budget, this vape is without doubt a good alternative.

Which is better: The Puffco Peak absolutely demolishes all its competition in terms of vapor quality. However, customers are paying top dollar for it. The X-Vape Mini Vista wins the price section, as it is a great option for more economic consumers.

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