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Choosing a vaporizer in 2019 can be a difficult process since there is already such a wide variety to select from. There are many well-known, brand name companies such as Boundless, Pulsar, Davinci and Atmos which dominate the market almost entirely and leave little room for competition. These particular labels are reputable and highly respected for producing quality devices, however, there are some units which are just as good and deserve to be given a chance. The Starry XMax is probably the best example of one of these hidden gems. My favorite units always tend to be devices that are affordable, but still have exceptional functionality. The Starry XMax achieves both of my requirements, and the following summation is to assist other consumers with learning the details and nuances about this hidden treasure.

Design, Portability & Ease of Use

The Starry Xmax is easily one of prettiest, sleekest vaporizers that I’ve tested out. It scores high for the discreetness factor, and is comparable to other brands that are very concealable such as the Pax 3, yet it only costs a fraction of the price. This particular device comes in dark black, and it reaches exactly four inches in height and is considered slim in width at less than two inches. The Starry Xmax gets five stars for its’ well-crafted build. The mouthpiece is magnetic and feels wonderful on the lips, and the oven is right underneath and easy to pack. The units boasts a removable battery at the bottom for users on the run, and the side of unit features the LED digital temperature display screen, power button, and two tiny controls to adjust the temp.

As far as use goes, this vaporizer makes for an excellent, simple experience whether the consumer is new to vaping, or a seasoned veteran. To initiate a session, all the user must do is charge ahead of time, take off the mouthpiece to load the marijuana, put the mouthpiece back on, and turn on the device by holding down the power button. Once it is powered on, the digital LED display will say “Hello!” and it will instantly begin heating up, users may select their exact temperature by increasing or decreasing the temp with the two smaller buttons. The whole process takes thirty to forty seconds at most, and then users are able to enjoy their delicious cannabis.

Precision Temperature Control & Oven Capacity

The Starry Xmax boasts precision temperature control, and allows users to have a customized experience. It should be noted that precision temperature control is rarely featured in units costing less than a hundred dollars, so that’s a major plus for this product. The temperature range is wide, and it can be used at anywhere from 212 to 464 degrees Fahrenheit. Users will be able to directly view the rapid heat up process via the LED display. Typical heat up time never requires more than forty seconds even to reach the max temperature. Also, consumers will be pleased to know it works well at any temperature, whether their preference is for heavy hits or cool sips. As an added bonus, this vaporizer is intelligent enough to turn itself off after four minutes so the hand-piece never gets uncomfortably hot, and users save on both battery life and herb.

The heating chamber of the Starry Xmax is small to average size, and it should not be packed with more than 0.3 grams of herb. This is probably the only negative of this device, as it tends to work better with less weed loaded in. On the bright side, though, this version of the Starry Xmax does hold 10% more than its predecessor, the V1, so the company did make an attempt to address consumer demand. Also duly of note, is the oven efficiency. I was happy to see that although the device utilizes conduction heating, the device still manages to be highly efficient and it saves on plant material.

Battery Life & Accessories

The Starry Xmax uses a standard 18650, 2500 mah battery that is both removable and rechargeable. Users that travel and spend a good time on the road will appreciate the removable aspect. Also, the juice on this device is rather good in relation with its size. It can easily be vaped for up to seventy minutes after a full charge, and the power save count down (user preference between 4 and 10 minutes) aids in preserving battery life.

As far as accessories go, the box has the usual goodies which include a user manual, a cleaning brush, a wax adaptor for users that prefer concentrates, a packing tool, a free 2500 mah battery, and an usb charging cord. On a personal note, I thought the wax cup was a nice touch, and the unit works fairly well with concentrates in spite of being primarily a dry herbal vape.

Vapor Quality & Retail Value

The Starry XMax consistently creates pure, flavorful clouds, and I was extremely impressed with the vapor quality in correlation with its price. I made sure to test the unit at various temperatures with a range from 375 to 420 degrees Fahrenheit, and I found that the vapor was tasty and not too hot at both sides of the spectrum. Also, the device is easy to inhale from, and it takes little resistance to get big, powerful hits. To summarize, the Starry Xmax produces quality cloud which is on par with great units such as the Boundless CF, and in fact, the device should probably be priced higher.

The Starry Xmas retails at a price of $99.00, and is a very economical choice for consumers on a budget. In my opinion, the company could actually sell this product for more (anywhere from $124.99 to 149.00) and I would still buy it. Consumers should consider that they are getting a vaporizer with an awesome build, precision temperature control, removable batteries and superb vapor quality for under a hundred dollars. It’s rare to get such a steal, and I imagine when the brand name becomes more popularized, the company may increase prices.

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