Zeus Iceborn Vaporizer Accessory Review

What we have today is the Zeus Iceborn. ZeusAresenal has recently put out this new vaporizer accessory and it’s a pretty cool little device.

What is the Zeus Iceborn?

The Iceborn is supposed to be an add-on or an upgrade to your existing vaporizer, improving the vapor quality that your vaporizer produces. Whether or not it objectively improves vapor quality is something we’ll dig into deeper later, but what it is doing is drawing your vapor through a chamber that is cooled with ice rather than water.

Overall, it’s a unique design, and there’s definitely people out there that would benefit from a device like this.

We’re going to break down this product review into the following categories:

  • Build Quality
  • Ease of Use
  • Vapor Quality
  • Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Pros/Cons

Is the Zeus Iceborn worth your time and money? Let’s find out.

Build Quality

First impressions when I unboxed the Zeus Iceborn were very good.  The top lid and main chamber are made of a very durable dishwasher safe plastic, and I really love the shaping and design of the chamber. It looks nice, and it is something I wouldn’t mind sitting out on my desk.

The vapor path on the interior is made up of aluminum and some silicone parts that hold them together.

The 3 included whips are also made up of silicone, and they are also sporting this really nice braided type material that covers the exterior of the whips.

Zues Iceborn whip set

The mouthpiece that is included with the Zeus Iceborn is made of the same plastic that constructs the chamber and lid of the unit. Personally, I opted for a glass mouthpiece as I have a few laying around and I prefer to rest my lips on glass when I have the option.

Zues Iceborn Mouthpieces

The modularity of this unit is something I really love. Right out of the box I was able to use the mouthpiece I prefer with the 3 included whips, and I was also able to use the regular whip I use with my VapeXhale Cloud EVO instead of the included ones when I decided to use my Cloud EVO with the Iceborn.

Likewise, I was able to hook the Zeus Iceborn up with my oil rig for the hell of it, and it worked out pretty good! Pretty much any vaporizer that you can work a whip onto will work wonders with the Zeus Iceborn.

Something the Iceborn has the upper hand on as opposed to traditional glass water pipes is the simple fact that this thing can be dropped over and over again and it will still function the same as it was new. This is an overall really durable design for someone who is a bit of klutz.

Zues Iceborn

I luckily haven’t had much bad luck with breaking glass in my past, however that is for sure not to say everyone shares that experience with me. Glass can be an expensive investment, and it is devastating when you spend money on something so fragile and it breaks in a instant.

That’s why using the Zeus Iceborn by yourself or especially with friends really eases any anxiety you might have about something breaking. I know in my case when I use my glass with friends I have to watch it like a small child. People aren’t always super mindful of your stuff and that’s why it’s nice to have some accessories like the Iceborn that aren’t so fragile!

Ease of Use

The instructions you get in the box are actually really thoughtful and do explain everything you need to know about operating the Zeus Iceborn. Also, the quick start guide on the side of the packaging is good for getting the unit ready for immediate use, of course remembering that the water needs to freeze before you can use the Iceborn.

Zues Iceborn

The vapor path disassembles really easily. The vapor path comes apart into 4 aluminum pieces and 2 silicone pieces.  

Without reading the instructions, I am sure most people can figure out how to assemble the unit once it’s taken apart. With 6 total parts comprising the vapor path, it’s not difficult to master assembling and disassembling this unit for cleaning.

Zues Iceborn Dissaembled

When you’re going to fill the Iceborn for the first time, you have to be mindful of how much water you are putting in it. There are ridges on the inside of the chamber, and when you are filling the unit you want to be mindful to not submerge these all the way.

The first time I used mine, I put too much water in my unit and I couldn’t pull air through it, probably because water ended up freezing somewhere in the vapor path. This only happened that one time, and hasn’t happened since I corrected the water level.

That’s not to say this unit doesn’t get clogged besides water freezing in it, but we’re going to go into that in the cleaning and maintenance portion.

Fitting the silicone whips around your vaporizers mouthpieces is usually really easy. Don’t be scared of stretching the silicone whips over larger mouthpieces as the whip works natively with vapes like the Mighty, Arizer Air, and so many more.

You don’t have to empty and refreeze water much either. I found the Zeus Iceborn was good for 1-2 hours as the big hunk of ice on the inside stays frozen for a decent amount of time.

The chamber itself stays very cold to touch too for a decent amount of time, and the internal temperature of the chamber that your vapor passes through stays cool for a while as well.

Vapor Quality

Before I go into this, I want to preface what I mean when I say something has “the best vapor quality” or “better vapor quality.”

What I mean by vapor quality is how smooth it is and how flavorful it is. These two factors are what in my opinion compromise “vapor quality.”

What this unit is advertised to do is improve vapor quality, and to that I would say it does and it doesn’t as it is hitting the mark on smoothness but missing it on flavor.


The vapor is most certainly a lot cooler than a regular whip or drawing from a vape directly. The vapor is really smooth on your throat, and one of the best compliments this unit has gotten from friends is the fact that it really deceives you on how much vapor you are taking in.

I have taken some seriously large vapor hits from my VapeXhale Cloud EVO that I didn’t even realize I was taking. When I exhale when using the Iceborn, I’m usually expecting half of the cloud I am seeing, which definitely leaves me amazed sometimes.

Now the down side is that with the vapor being super smooth, there’s really not that much flavor left. This makes pretty much any flower or concentrate vapor you put through it tastes really bland and forgettable in my opinion.

Flavor isn’t everything, but if I’m going to be using something as a daily driver, I want it to be a compromise between smoothness and flavor, but of course not everyone shares that opinion with me.

The vapor from this unit would be best for someone who has a really hard time taking in hot vapor but doesn’t necessarily care for flavor all that much.

Cleaning and Maintenance

This is what I would say is one of my biggest pros for this unit. The cleaning process of this is a lot simpler than cleaning a water pipe.

Simply disassemble the vapor path and let the 4 aluminum pieces and 2 silicone pieces soak in some hot water for a few minutes.

You can do the same for the main chamber and lid, or you can throw it in your dishwasher. Once everything has soaked in the hot water for a few minutes, any oil that is remaining on the pieces can simply be wiped off with a paper towel while the parts are still warm.

I like this method because it requires no harsh chemicals and altogether takes less than 10-15 minutes.

I have been cleaning my Iceborn every 3-5 uses. Over time, the vapor condenses in the silicone pieces that hold the vapor path together and they do clog with heavy use. Around the third use you’ll start to notice that there is more draw resistance meaning the unit needs to be cleaned soon.

The whips will get dirty over time, and I just recommend replacing them rather than cleaning them. A wear and tear replacement set is available if you happen to wear out your whips, lose your mouthpiece, etc.

Pros and Cons

Next, I’ll break down the pros and cons I found with the Zeus Iceborn.


  • Functions with most vaporizers.
  • Super smooth vapor.
  • Dishwasher safe design and easy cleaning.
  • Easily replaceable parts.
  • Durable design.


  • Bland Flavor.
  • Waiting for water to freeze.
  • More expensive than low end glass.

Conclusion: is the Zeus Iceborn worth your money?

If you’re someone who is looking for the smoothest vapor possible and wants to achieve it with something that won’t break easily, I think this would be a great option. It works seamlessly with most vaporizers on the market and even water pipes if you rig it up right.

With that said, I think a lot of people are still going to be leaning towards water filtration for vaping. In my experience, simple diffusion water pipes offer a better balance of flavor and smoothness for vaporizing cannabis at higher temperatures.

Still though, no water pipe I have ever used has matched the Zeus Iceborn in sheer smoothness alone.

In my case, I only use this about once or twice a week. I personally find vaping through water pipes to be more enjoyable than vaping with the Iceborn. It’s a fun thing to break out, but it’s really not something that I would call my daily driver since it isn’t something I can just pick up and use without a little pre-planning.

Personally, I’m still leaning towards using water filtration for day to day use, but that’s not to say the Iceborn doesn’t have its place in my weekly rotation.

Best Place to Buy the Zeus Iceborn?

If you’re looking to pick an Iceborn up, you can grab it directly from Vaporizera.com here. It’s currently listed for $69.99.

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