Zeus Thunder Vaporizer Review

The Zeus Thunder Pen Vaporizer is a pen vaporizer for solid concentrates and and liquid oils. It is one of the first concentrate pens that can do e-liquids as well, which is a big step for these pens. This vaporizer is a higher end unit, and it does what it is made to do very well. Let’s get into how it works.

Zeus Thunder vaporizer

Zeus Thunder

How the Zeus Thunder Works

The Zeus Thunder is very easy to use. First, attach either the concentrate or the oil attachment (pictured below) to the battery.

Oil Attachment

Concentrate Attachment

Then, to load the unit, you take off the top portion of the unit and either place your concentrate on the walls of the concentrate attachment, or drip some e-liquid into the oil attachment. Be sure not to touch the atomizer with your loading tool, because it will damage the coils and won’t work anymore.

To turn it on, you click the button five times (like most electronic cigarette batteries). After that, it’s as simple as pressing the button and inhaling.

Overall, the vapor quality of this pen is very good. It fully vaporizes your concentrates and e-liquids without any issues. The battery life is also better than most batteries that are the same size, which surprised me. You can easily get 3-4 days of moderate use out of this, and if you are using it for concentrates only, you can easily get a week out of one charge. It is also compatible with any 510/ego style connection, so almost any e-cig battery will fit this attachment.

The Thunder on its own is great, but the designers at Zeus knew they could do better.

Zeus was also kind enough to send us their Z-Oil Pro and Z-Wax Pro attachments. These are upgrades to the inserts that come with the Thunder, and they are amazing.

The Z-Oil Pro has a 2.4 ml capacity, and it vapes wonderfully. Great, thick, flavorful vapor every time. Easy to fill too, all you have to do is unscrew the bottom and drip in your liquid of choice.

Z-Oil Pro

The Z-Wax Pro is a solid concentrate attachment that puts cheaper attachments to shame. It is a beast, producing clouds of vapor and taking the beating you give to it. Minus the glass tank, this thing is hard to break. You can squish your concentrate against the atomizer, torch the metal, even soak the entire thing in alcohol without any damage to the wicks or the o-rings. As long as you are careful with the glass, you won’t have any problems with it.

Z-Wax Pro

Final Thoughts

Overall, this is a great pen vape. It’s small, light weight, and it works great. If you upgrade to the Pro attachments, it really is hard to find a better set up. For the Thunder, it will cost you  $99.99, the Z-Oil Pro is $19.99, and the Z-Wax Pro is $39.99 (totally worth it in my opinion). If you’re looking to buy this unit, you can grab it from Zeus’ website here.

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